binary plan patna A successful serial entrepreneur from the ‘street smart’ crop with over 14 years of experience in digital / web solutions domain.

Having worked on delivering business solutions and unlocking business value for a wide array of clients across different verticals and across different geographies, what excites me the most is the ability to provide a value proposition and deliver results that positively impacts a business.


Creative Team

gift plan patna Our designing team understand what it takes to receive more clicks, calls and sales. The designers here design various sorts of websites and strive to meet everyone’s requirements.

A specialist in Web based Interactive design solutions. 100+ Websites, mobile apps designs, presentations, e-mailer designs and other advertising materials gives you an idea what he did in the past 5 years.


PHP Team

php team Our team of PHP developers stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology. Our developers are active in the PHP community. They are not just the users of PHP tools, modules, extensions as well as add­ons, however contribute in creating them.

Encyclopedia of PHP technologies and WordPress project management. Best web solution provider who keeps himself informed about the new technologies. Experience of over 100 web portals as well as web applications.


ASP.NET Team team With years of experience in web development services, our developers have built large scale web applications as well as high­ performance websites. We build advanced applications that foster growth of the clients’ business.

A web developer who dislikes the word “NO”. Adaptive to latest technologies, fast learner and an achiever. His accomplishment ranges from programming Information-driven websites to Web as well as Mobile based applications.


SMO Team

smo patnaOne of the challenges of being a SMO strategist is Social Media marketing. Our strategists aspire to create faith among customers about brand and at the same time grow it for the benefit of business.

When it comes to incorporating social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest), internet promotion as well as web marketing she is the shortest distance amid where you are at present, and where you want to be.


SEO Team

seo patna Whether you want to make your website rank higher in the search engines or want to drive targeted traffic to your website, our SEO strategists are here for your assistance.

An SEO leader offers you out of the ordinary, customized services that helps your company stay away from costly pitfalls and facilitate in growing your business via an effective online presence.


Testing Team

testing team patnaFind peace of mind by choosing our software testers! They all perform their best to confirm your return on investment for web development.

QA Professional with ample experience in software, mobile apps and web testing. He has expertise in all types of testing which are Web based, Cloud, Telecom & Mobile as well as Client Server based.


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